we desire what is forbidden

Anonymous asked: Palestinians are not indigenous to Israel!


You’re right, nobody can be indigenous to a state younger than my grandmother.

Palestinians are indigenous to Palestine.

Anonymous asked: how do you feel about the robin williams suicide? whats islams take on suicide? isnt it forbidden?


I’m really saddened by it. Robin Williams to me, from an artistic point of view, really contributed to my childhood and what I grew up on.

That being said, I feel too many people dismiss Islam’s take on mental health and jump straight to what’s forbidden and what is not. Often these same folks are mistranslating the situations and customs Islam was revealed in, and wish to apply it to every situation instead. 

When mental health effects you to the point of committing suicide, you best believe God will punish all those who have led you to such a brutal fate and will take into account the torment that had reached you to such a state.

He is the most forgiving. 

Anonymous asked: Does this mean that you refer to Palestine as Israel for political purposes?


Occupied Palestine is legally recognized as Israel, I cannot deny that. 

Do the entities that define what is legal and what is not the most moral of judges? Absolutely not. 

Anonymous asked: I'm curious about color symbology in Arab cultures. For instance what are appropriate colors for a woman to wear at her nikkah ceremony, and are there any colors that would be frowned upon, or would be a faux pas?


Color symbology is a little different in traditional Arab culture than it is in others. For the most part, in Arab society, the woman’s private sphere is separated from those of males, so publicly the colors worn in mourning or public view would be the same. 

That being said, Red, black and White have very symbolic meanings in Arab culture.

Black is the color of privacy, conservatism, and generally is worn to cover. In some instances, it was a regal color meant to symbolize royalty and donned the flags of many empires. 

White is considered a liberal color, meant to represent cleanliness but can often be seen as extreme humbleness and servitude. This was seen distinctly by the early Muslims to distinguish themselves from the people of Quraysh. 

Finally, red is considered to be one of celebration and beauty, but also can be seen as a color of seduction and sexuality.

That’s a general breakdown of color symbology in Arab culture. 

Anonymous asked: do you feel islam bars arabs from advancing? i feel to a certain degree that's true.


I feel that’s a complex question rooted in the belief that Islam, inherently is the root factor of progress and civilization in Arab society, (or lack thereof) and that colonialism in itself is not responsible for the creation of many failed state structures in the Arab world. 

That’s to start with.

Islam, yes, has been a thematic element and also a law system by which Arab society has been structured upon and modeled for centuries. The degree by which Islam influences current day attitudes, economic structures, or generally political movements in a puritanical element is largely removed from the spotlight.

Islam in the Arab world today, as a general degree, only serves as a means by which people fulfill ritualistic practices, and ultimately rules by which they govern their own personal affairs. On a state and civilizational level, it is largely absent and even vilified in Arab society to a large degree.

This is also enhanced by the creation of Western-funded fundamentalist groups that seek to demonize and create largely dangerous militias that not only smear Islam’s name as a whole but also serve as agents by which they allow Western powers to constantly act as “opponents” of “terror” that they themselves have funded and rolled out.

Islamaphobia in today’s day and age is the last stage of colonialism and neo-imperialism in the sense that Western structures have not only replaced institutions in Muslim majority nations to those who serve Western interests, but have fundamentally attacked the very zenith of that very civilization by vilifying the Islamic religion as a whole. 

Islam, in itself, is a large body of traditions and structures, that are not implemented at any level in the Arab world to even bring it down to begin with, but is pinned as the inherent fault and scapegoat of the Arab world. It’s a sad reality. 


Always speak to people on the level of their understanding. The largest scholars and academics have only been influential through this method.

If you cannot communicate an idea to someone without taking into account their background, education, and sensitivity to topics, you cannot ever market an idea to anyone.

Taking everyone into account is largely ever considered in today’s day and age.